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IPLDK-20 Business Telephone System

A traditional digital system suitable for upto 20 users

Grasp the Future.
State of the art technoloy for the small office.

The powerful ipLDK20 is built on state-of-the-art technology with an array of easy to use features developed over years of experience with small business systems.

Powerful and easy to use.

The ipLDK20 offers a comprehensive set of communication features normally only available on much larger systems. The addition of advanced functionality, such as VoIP, Networking, Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), and more makes this a solution that can enhance the competitive edge of your business. The stylish and innovative 7000 series digital keysets, available in Black or Ivory, successfully deliver the ergonomics and functionality you need for efficient business communications.

Multi-site networking technology.

As a member of the ipLDK range of systems, the common functionality and architecture allows the ipLDK20 to seamlessly integrate in to a network of
ipLDK systems, making it ideal not only as a stand-alone system, but also as a branch office system. Integrated VoiceMail and automated attendant come as an additional option giving the
professional edge you need to portray.

Voice over IP - today.

Although the ipLDK20 has evolved from traditional PBX technology, it also offers the option of Voice over IP. The ipLDK20 can be installed and used as
a traditional telephone system, but at any stage the advanced VoIP technology can be integrated into
your business - potentially reducing call costs by up to 60%.

Voice Mail.
Voice mail and automated attandant option.

The ipLDK20 can be upgraded at any point to include VoiceMail and a multi-level automated attendant. The VoiceMail option gives 200 minutes of recording time with up to three messages being retrieved or recorded at any one time. The automated attendant allows you to have a welcome message when a customer calls giving the option for the customer to choose where their call goes ie. Press 1 for sales, 2 for support etc, or to go straight to the extension of the person they are calling.

This option can also be used to give a ‘Music on Hold’ announcement such as a marketing message, giving the caller information on special offers, the
company or other ways of getting in touch.

The ipLDK20 comes in either ‘Analogue’ or ‘Digital’ basic configuration - this refers to the type of telephone lines in the office and not the type of handset that the system uses. The ipLDK uses the latest in Digital handsets within the office to ensure that calls are clear and features are easy to use.

 If you have Digital (ISDN) lines

The ipLDK20 Digital system is ideal for small offices with ISDN lines and offers up to 24 extensions and accepts, as standard, 2 ISDN2 circuits with an option to expand up to 4 ISDN2 circuits. The system can also be congured to have 2 ISND2 circuits and 4 Analogue lines - a total of 8 lines. The digital ipLDK20 is ideally suited to oces with existing ISDN circuits who may want to add Analogue lines in the future.

If you have Analogue lines

The ipLDK20 Analogue system is ideal for small offices with non-ISDN circuits and offers up to 24 extensions and accepts, as standard, 4 Analogue lines with an option to expand up to 8 Analogue lines. The system can also be configured to have 4 Analogue lines and 2 ISDN2 lines - a total of 8 lines. The Analogue ipLDK20 is ideally suited to offices with existing Analogue lines who may want to upgrade to ISDN in the future. The modular design of the ipLDK20 allows this degree of exibility by using option boards to expand the basic conguration. These boards can add different types of lines, more extensions, VoiceMail, Auto attendant and VoIP capabilities.

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